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What is a Memoir Manifesto?

A Memoir Manifesto is one part memoir, one part message and one part manifesto- this is your legacy work that clearly explains what you know, after something you have been through, combined with an inspiring and empowering call to action that outlines your ideas and views about those lessons you have learned. Together, we will co-create your book so that it fully expresses the essence of who you have been, what you have been through and who you have become.

Soul Speak Press Memoir Manifesto:

  • 1 part Memoir - You've been through something

  • 1 part Message - So you know something

  • 1 part Manifesto - Now you can teach us something


These non-fiction works are an account of your journey, whether it has been the struggle to make yourself known in the boardroom, you have survived tremendous trauma, or have reclaimed your voice in a profound way through the everyday life of a woman. Memoir Manifestos capture your unique experience and offer your reader the lessons you have learned, as well as actionable steps to lasting transformation.

Are you a good fit for Soul Speak Press? 

Soul Speak Press was designed to a be a landing spot for women who have a story to tell, but need help with writing, editing, and publishing. Hear it best from Jess herself in the video, but if you're here - it's no accident. Contact us to chat about your idea, your book, your dreams.

We have a variety of customizable packages to help you decide the best fit for you. We can be heavily involved in the writing and editing or you can submit a finished manuscript. Either way, we provide full services for our books during publishing and distribution.

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