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Publishing & Marketing Services

Soul Speak Press is a boutique, non-traditional publisher. Every book published with our press receives our white-glove publishing and marketing services.

Publishing Services

Every author and book that the Soul Speak Press imprint works with receives these...


Writing & Editing

  • Our involvement in the writing and editing process can look different for each author's needs. See Packages for more details. 

  • Final, detailed proofreading of your completed manuscript

  • A proof copy of each format from each distributor for final approval prior to launch



  • Book title and subtitle development/refinement 

  • Custom book cover design 

  • Book synopsis copywriting for back cover and retail listings 

  • High-end, custom front and back cover design with custom spine calculation for all print formats and all distribution channels 

  • Custom interior book design and layout of your final locked manuscript with text treatments and image insertions



  • Assistance with determining best and final retail, wholesale, and group pricing for the paperback, hardcover, and eBook formats 

  • Delivery of a one-page Book Summary with a final overview of the print costs and author compensation by format and distribution channel 

  • Assign title data to your ISBNs for all versions

  • Selection and optimization of the best Amazon categories for bestseller ranking



  • Production, publishing, and uploading of all versions (Paperback, Hardcover, and eBook) for worldwide distribution and sale through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Ingram, and other tradeoutlets.

  • Print-On-Demand distribution through Amazon and Ingram; title setup for Amazon and Ingram for all versions, including determination of appropriate BISAC codes, keywords, final list price, wholesale discount, return status and international pricing structure for all countries

  • Creation of Amazon Author Central Page (KDP), as well as the set-up of all tax and royalty distribution channels for both Amazon and Ingram 

  • Awards Completion of the final phase of book submission for both Library of Congress and U.S. Copyright registration 

Marketing Services

Every author and book that the Soul Speak Press works with receives marketing support in the following areas...


Marketing & Promotion

  • Ten copywritten endorsement quotes to share with your network

  • Book Ambassador Team (BAT) coaching and curation

  • Podcast and other interview opportunities with Jess on her social media channels

  • Author announcement and continued email marketing push via newsletter and other networking opportunities

  • Continued networking and PR support throughout the lifetime of the book


Let's Work Together

Take a look at our publishing packages to find the right fit for you.

Get in Touch

We want to hear from you no matter where you are in the process of writing your story. Reach out to us!

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