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The Power Within


Every woman has a story to share.

From tales of resilience and empowerment to reflections on love, identity, and struggle, each contribution resonates with authenticity and the power we all have within to overcome.

This collection is more than just a book; it is a testament to the strength and spirit that lies within every woman. Through their own words, the contributors share their unique journeys, offering readers a chance to connect, empathize, and find inspiration. Whether you're seeking solace, motivation, or simply a good read, In Her Words: The Power Within promises to be a source of profound insight and enduring strength.

What is the In Her Words Collection?

In Her Words is a creative collection of true stories written by women who have been through something, now they know something and are ready to teach us what they have learned. They have rallied at life and are taking back their power.

In Her Words is an independent, self-scheduled writing experience that supports you in your memoir writing journey.


We want you to have access to thousands of readers who will be transformed by the story you have to share. We want you to reach your own next level of healing through the power of memoir writing and we know that trying to do it on your own rarely results in actually getting your story written, revised and published- which is why we created this project.

Not just a chapter in a book.

In Her Words Collection is a compilation of beautifully crafted stories. From the virtual writing support to editing process to a bestselling book, we are building a community of accomplished women writers.


We consider this a virtual "Masterclass in Memoir Writing" with a bestselling book as a final product. 

Self-Scheduled Writing Coaching

Learn at your own schedule, through utilizing the in-app video trainings and required draft submission deadlines to ensure you honor your journey by completing this last phase: publishing your story so that thousands of women will be inspired by your strength and resilience and propelled to explore what that could mean for them. Learn the craft of memoir writing and gain a deep understanding of the work it takes to become a bestselling author. Do it in the company of other women who are looking to improve their writing skills, deepen their understanding of the publishing process, and grow their network through a bestselling published work. 

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Project Includes:

  • One narrative chapter contribution with two rounds of revisions provided by the Soul Speak Press Team

  • Online Group Support from Soul Speak Press Team and the other contributing authors

  • 24-hour access to In Her Words Collection App

  • 10+ hours of pre-recorded video training modules on Memoir Writing, Book Marketing, and Publishing Strategies

  • Production, publishing and uploading of paperback and ebook for worldwide distribution through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Ingram and other trade outlets

  • Advance copies available at wholesale prices for your own personal distribution and sale

  • Amazon Bestseller Campaign

  • Branded social media assets personalized and curated to promote the project and your new role as a BESTSELLING AUTHOR!

  • The opportunity to expand your audience and network by 30x through cross promotion with other collaborating authors 

  • The guarantee of becoming a BESTSELLING AUTHOR on Amazon

Write your story and become a bestselling author.

Soul Speak Press has created a framework that you can easily follow
that will get you from your first written word, to bestselling author, in just a few months. And we’ll love you through the healing journey every step of the way.

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We are looking for the women who...

  • Have journeyed through life's tough circumstances but found her power within and could capture that experience (in whatever way that looks like!) in 4000 words or less. We are very open to your interpretation of how you found the power within


  • Have courageously reclaimed your power, and are ready to speak their truth- yet they don’t have enough material for their own Memoir Manifesto, YET.


  • Are looking to launch into the professional speaking world and are in need of published assets to establish credibility.


  • Are in need of building their network, audience and social media platforms in order to meet future professional goals.


  • Would benefit from support from a professional speaker, NYT and Amazon bestselling author.


  • Would love the opportunity to become a bestselling author.


  • Would benefit from learning the ins and outs of book marketing, promotion and PR (think of this as an investment in your future profession)


  • Feel compelled to heal with their personal stories of transformation in order to advocate, educate, inspire and empower other women to do the same.


  • Have always dreamed of holding their own published works in their hands and thrive in groups of supportive women.

Our Authors Say...

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Are you ready to inspire
with your story?

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