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  • Loren Buchanan

Ep 4: Why You Should Join a Memoir Anthology Project

This week's episode is all about our Anthology Projects here at Soul Speak Press! Jessica discusses where she came up with the anthology series name "Deserts to Mountaintops" and why we LOVE having a bestselling book that compiles multiple women's voices instead of just one person's voice.

Jessica details 5 reasons why you should consider writing a piece of your story in an anthology versus writing an entire book and solo memoir yourself.

Learn more about Deserts to Mountaintops Volume 1 and Volume 2

This podcast is hosted by Jessica Buchanan, a NYT Bestselling author, speaker, survivor and founder of Soul Speak Press. Soul Speak Press  is a boutique non-traditional publishing company focused on publishing stories from women who have been through something, now they know something, and can teach us something.

Learn more about the Deserts to Mountaintops Anthologies. If you're interested in hearing interviews with our Soul Speak Press authors, check out the Deserts to Mountaintops Podcast.

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