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6: Why You Need to Build an Audience on Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool for memoir authors. While it might feel overwhelming at first, it's an important way to get your story out there, build your brand, and grow your audience. In this episode, Jessica discusses her own journey with social media, specifically Instagram, and the changes she made when she decided that this was going to be the tool for her to grow her audience and business.

Jessica doesn't hold back - she talks detailed numbers and engagement and how she continues to grow her audience. Learn 5 things you can implement RIGHT NOW to start promoting yourself as an author on social media.

Brock Johnson's Instagram Growth Coach can be found HERE.

The Goal Digger Podcast about Chatbots on instagram DMs can be found HERE.

This podcast is hosted by Jessica Buchanan, a NYT Bestselling author, speaker, survivor and founder of Soul Speak Press. Soul Speak Press  is a boutique non-traditional publishing company focused on publishing stories from women who have been through something, now they know something, and can teach us something.

Learn more about the Deserts to Mountaintops Anthologies. If you're interested in hearing interviews with our Soul Speak Press authors, check out the Deserts to Mountaintops Podcast.

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