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  • Loren Buchanan

5: Five Signs It's Time to Stop Shopping Your Book Proposal

How do you evaluate if it's time to change your strategy to get your book published? Can you find a book agent? How long have you been sending out your proposal? Is your story well-positioned for the current times? How important is social media for getting a book deal? Jessica answers all these questions and more. 

In this episode, Jessica delves into some honest questions to ask yourself as you continue on your publishing journey. Should you continue pitching your memoir proposal to a traditional publishing house or is it time to jump to a non-traditional publishing method? We're here to help you make the best publishing decision for you and your manuscript.

This podcast is hosted by Jessica Buchanan, a NYT Bestselling author, speaker, survivor and founder of Soul Speak Press. Soul Speak Press is a boutique non-traditional publishing company focused on publishing stories from women who have been through something, now they know something, and can teach us something.

Learn more about the Deserts to Mountaintops Anthologies. If you're interested in hearing interviews with our Soul Speak Press authors, check out the Deserts to Mountaintops Podcast

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