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In Her Words Collection

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Our Authors Say...

woman named Rula
"I have always taken to writing but never given a real published platform to share. When I learned there was room for my voice in DTM, I grabbed it. I didn’t let my fear and anxiety even let me think twice about not taking the chance, because I knew Jessica was a guide, pillar and visionary. She effortlessly brought a collective of beautiful women together who will be forever connected by this experience, and who are all sharing themselves for their own healing and for that of others.

Jessica guided, encouraged, nurtured and pioneered. I couldn’t have written such rawness if she wasn’t there to hash it out of me. She’s opened up a door for me, and held space, for one of the first times in my life. To manage all these women and give enough of herself to make each feel like they’re in the spotlight has been an incredible experience."

Rula Abrifah


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